Ocean of Revelations

Produced under the supervision of renowned Muslim theologian Kyai Haji A. Mustofa Bisri, Ocean of Revelations is a documentary film series that presents the essential teachings of Islam in the words of top Muslim leaders from around the world.

Hailed as “an Enlightenment Project on Islam” that impressively conveys “the rich diversity of Islam in word and image… [and] its spiritual depths” (Qantara/Deutsche Welle), these films present a profoundly tolerant and humane understanding of the faith acclaimed by Sweden’s leading newspaper as a “firewall against terrorism in Islam’s name,” which reveals the “True Heart of Islam” (Jakarta Globe).

“[Ocean of Revelations] is unique in its ability to accomplish the much-sought-after, but rarely achieved, goal of transforming human awareness.”

~ Dr. Egon Spiegel, Institute for Catholic Theology (Vechta, Germany)

“Islam, in our time, has fallen into the hands of a band of ignorant fanatics… [W]e all have a religious duty to free it from their vice-like grip and destroy the fanatics’ stranglehold on Islam.”

“In Islam it is said that there are different paths to God, but no (essential) differences of religion. Religious paths vary, but not the essence of religion itself from the time of Adam to the Last Day.”

“Lord, Your Nature is One… and stands upright throughout the universe.”